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What is Josh’s Life Like?

24 from the Bay Area. I had always loved music but never thought I would get into the music industry as a profession. I had listened to all kinds of music growing up from Blink-182 to Zeds Dead to Rebelution. I had never experienced a real festival/EDM show till my freshman college summer in 2013 when I attended Paradiso in Washington. After that, I knew I needed to do something in the music industry. After being denied by Red Light Management for an internship my senior year, I took it as a sign to produce full time. Fun facts: I was a D1 collegiate athlete that rowed for 4 years at Oregon State University. I only like eating things with big forks and small spoons. I am the first person in my family to pursue music as a profession and had no musical experience till I started producing.

What is Rob’s life like?

23 born and raised in the Bay Area. I am a 3rd generation musician in my family. I am classically trained in piano and played drums for 8 years. Fun facts: I used to be a sponsored BMX rider and I love ocean sports. I realized when I was 19 that I wanted to pursue music as a career and now we here.

What’s the story of Josh & Rob as a dynamic duo?

We have known each other since around 7th grade when we started going to the same middle school together. As we got older, we became better friends and had a tight knit group of friends that we are still close with today. We never thought about making music together until around 2015. When we both graduated college, we started to build a studio in downtown Campbell. A year later, we had our full professional studio set up and we have been focusing on making music full time. The two of us enjoy a wide variety of music, but we have a lot of overlap between each other.  

3 artists that inspire you guys?

Louis The Child, What So Not, Russ

What’s the main factor that drives your music?

We want to spend everyday of our lives doing something we love and creating music that reflects our passion.

Can you recall a specific moment or instance that made you realize being producers was what you were going to do for the rest of your life?

Josh: It was New Years 2015 and my ex and I got into fight. She told me that I wasn’t going to be like Jauz when I got serious about producing. I told her that was cool cause I wanted to be myself, not Jauz! 
Rob: I realized at the end of my second year of community college that I can't do a “ normal job” and I needed to do something that makes me happy.

What is the most useless talent you have?

Josh: I can toss a fidget spinner from one hand to the other.
Rob: I can hold my pee in like a camel.

What is the best worst purchase you’ve ever made?

Josh: A fresh pinky ring that I lost the same night cause I was drunk and dropped it in my drink, then forgot to take it out.
Rob: Juul - shits addicting and expensive.








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