Director of Operations



I’ve always had a passion for music since I was a little kid. Whether it was jamming out in the shower or singing in the car, music has been around me my whole life. Although I never was much of a singer, I loved being immersed around music and listening to it. Coming from a business oriented family, business is what I am currently pursuing with a focus on Marketing. While pursuing my degree in Marketing, I realized I was drifting away from the music culture. This is when I decided to become Social Chair of my fraternity. In doing so, I was able to host events with multiple artists from Robotaki, Luca Lush to our own in house DJ. I loved the music industry as much as I love business marketing and didn’t want to shy away from either. When my friend came up to me with SHGOOD, a business-orientated creative collective, I knew immediately this was the first step of many to reaching my dreams.