What is your Life Like?

Wake up, make a bagel, go to class if I feel like it, come back, make music for god knows how long, grab chipotle at least 5 times a week, make more music and go to bed

What’s the story of HÜSIA?

I began learning how to DJ in 2016 for fun, but by the time January of 2017 rolled around, I knew if I wanted to do anything with music that I needed to be able to produce. I quickly started working on Ableton and became so obsessed with it that I quit my internship in summer of 2017 to live in the mountains back in Colorado and work on music 8 hours a day. In October I started working on a track “MissYou” that I finally felt was what I wanted to release as my debut song. Hüsia comes from an ethiopian term meaning “goose” and my last name “Koza” paired up with it in means goosebumps.

3 artists that inspire you?

Fume, RL Grime, Illenium

What is the main factor that drives your music?

Passion and energy is what I strive for in all my tracks. I wanted to hit an emotional chord with the listener while getting them to dance as well.

Can you recall a specific moment or instance that made you realize making music was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

When I quit my internship to allow myself to focus more on my music, I realized how dedicated and passionate about doing this for the rest of my life and haven’t looked back since

What can fans expect down the pipeline?

More shows on a bigger scale, starting out more so in the Denver area, along with an EP around mid-July/Early August

What is the most useless talent you have?


What is the best worst purchase you’ve ever made?

Downhill mountain bike

What would you name your boat if you had one?

The Ahab