Director of PR | Writer for Odyssey



When I was a teenager, I was sort of an "artsy" person. I was a ballet dancer, took art classes, soccer player, music lover and always liked writing. I kept a journal in high school and wrote whatever came to my mind but I never showed anyone. Once I got to college, I opened up to the world and started publishing articles online. I didn't know I would end up making a career of it, especially in the music world. Sometimes your passions and interests become your lifestyle. I'm writing/publishing weekly and when I'm not behind the screen, you can find me dancing at music festivals. If you want deeper insight into an artist's musical taste or a festival, I'm your girl. I want music lovers to open their ears to new sounds and get to know up-and-coming artists, and continue to love well-known artists. Life continues to get better and crazier, and I'm loving every minute of it.